Thursday, October 19, 2017

Primarily Political XXXII

Quotes of the day:

President Trump speaks in hyperbole. - Sen Cassidy (R) La.

Re: M.A.G.A. - You can't have greatness without goodness. - Rich Lowry - Politico.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Melting Pot

A recent visit to New York City gave evidence of the diversity of nationalities and religions sharing the same sidewalks and bike lanes. The hospital we visited had five elevators - one designated as a
Sabbath elevator and as we were leaving on a Saturday we were told that that car was programmed to stop at every floor so that people practicing religious beliefs would not have to touch the "buttons". I had not heard of the practice and at first thought a child might be playing the "button" trick. In a related vein, the NY Times ran a recent article on a course sponsored by a Jewish non-profit that teaches dogs commands in Yiddish.
As Jack Paar used to say "I kid you not!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

72 hours in Manhattan

I last worked in Manhattan in 1979 and we returned there last week to witness and celebrate the birth of our first grandchild. We noticed that while the crowds have grown the sidewalks have not kept pace. During our stay we managed to visit the Plaza Hotel for old time's sake. The Palm Court still serves tea but the violins are gone. And they have moved the restrooms to a lower level to discourage walk-ins. A small oval bar sits in the center offering recharge outlets under the bar presumably to keep you from leaving. On the beverage menu liquid Manhattans are priced at $24. and if you have to ask you don't belong there.
On the hotel scene I was prepared for State Tax, City Tax, Room occupancy tax but a buck fifty for bed tax was a surprise. And our Uber driver played classical music for us. It is truly the City that never sleeps.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Dateline - Liechtenstein - Baron von Falz-Fein, the prominent sponsor of that country's Olympic Team, just celebrated his 105th birthday. He attributes his longevity to "the succor of honey and Ovaltine." Ovaltine! Who knew - they were the sponsor for the radio broadcasts of "Little Orphan Annie" in the 1930s - and it having its own longevity. Those Russians in the Steppes rave about their yogurt and the Japanese pride their fish diet, but there is something in that Alpine air to combine with Ovaltine that creates that magic that the Baron touts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The 21 Club

Recently, Donald Trump was heard criticizing his team for a delay in performing a task saying that the 21 Club restoration was done faster. The famous eatery and former speakeasy located at 21  W. 52nd Street in Manhattan was refurbished in 2015 but not done so quickly. The midtown location was notable for the metal jockeys standing sentry on its steps each bearing the racing colors of various stables of the period i.e. The Vanderbilts, Phipps family, etc. During the restoration these statues were removed for repainting and patching and were absent for three months July/October 2015. Perhaps POTUS never ventured near a race track and never experienced the thrill of booting home a winner. Sad!
P.S. - The writer had the pleasure of having lunch
at this emporium once - recommend their hamburger.

Monday, October 9, 2017

America's Pastime

The NY Yankee manager yanked his starting pitcher in the sixth inning after only 77 pitches to disastrous results. C'mon man, this is a nine inning game - and it's the Playoffs. Back in the 1950s the Brooklyn Dodgers came into Philly for a Sunday double-header. Big Don Newcombe pitched and won the first game for Brooklyn. After a half-hour and a change of shirt he started the second game and as I recall pitched into the middle innings before being relieved. He and his rotund battery mate, Roy Campanella, didn't have a weight room, or a jacuzzi, or a dietician - they just played the game in their hot flannel uniforms. How the game has changed!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Play on Words

Quotes of the week:

Bob Schieffer, the CBS emeritus, in describing Donald Trump's 2016 campaign: "from the inane to the profane."

Jennifer Finney Boylan in describing the next presidential election: "In the year 2020 - the year of perfect hindsight."

The Manhattan District Attorney reminds us that not every lie is a crime.

Just a few nuggets among the maze!